When we (Sisi, Yeri and Willem-Jan) were on holiday in Vietnam in 2008, Van (Sisi's younger sister) told us that she wanted to visit us in the Netherlands the next year or have another baby. In october 2008 she called us that she first wanted to visit Europe. So we wrote an invitation letter and sent it to the IND (Immigration office). Van and her husband Hai would take care of the airline tickets and insurances. After waiting some months we got the green light and Van was allowed to visit the Netherlands.


On monday 29 June Van, Hai and their daughter Yen Ngoc arrived after a long flight at Schiphol airport. They had a very hard time passing the Customs because everybody was questioned and checked very thoroughly. While we were waiting Sisi and Van managed to call each other and Van explained why it was taking so long. But finally they passed the gates and we could welcome them. We walked back to our car, placed the suitcases in the trunk and rode back to Breda.

Around 11 a.m we were back in Breda and Sisi showed them our house. I said goodbye and went back to Hoofddorp to work my 2 last days at Kawasaki. Because of the worldwide economic crisis Kawasaki had terminated my contract per 1st of July.


On wednesday I was back in Breda. They were already settled and we could start making daytrips and discuss which countries and places they wanted to see.

The first week was very hot. We visited Kinderdijk and the zoo Blijdorp in Rotterdam. We went to Antwerp, Belgium to visit friends.

The second week was spent in a bungalow of Landal GreenParks in Germany and Belgium, making daytrips to different places. The weather had changed, it was not so hot anymore and we were lucky that most of the rain fell while driving and at night.

In amusementpark Plopsa Coo, Belgium, Hai had a terrible accident and our Belgium holiday ended up in the hospital. After 10 days Hai was enough recovered to make trips again.

In the fourth and last week we visited the Afsluitdijk and the Efteling and spent a few days in Paris.


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