After all the paperwork, such as invitation letters, visa's and airline tickets, Sisi's father and mother were coming over for a visit to Holland. For them it was the first time that they were going on a holiday outside Vietnam. And it was really a great experience. They did not speak any English and did not have much travel experience. But they were not afraid to travel to Holland.

They flew with Malasyan Airlines and had a stopover in Kuala Lumpur to catch the plane to Amsterdam. Luckily for them Bart, Le Ha's husband (Le Ha is Sisi's niece and lives in Capelle aan de IJssel), was on the same flight to Amsterdam. He saw them sitting on a bench, looking very much lost. So getting on the plane was not much of a problem anymore.


We, Yeri, Sisi and Willem-Jan, got up early and drove by car to the airport Schiphol. We were surprised to see Le Ha there as well. She was picking up her husband Bart. Finally the plane landed and we could see them coming towards the exit. They were met with a warm welcome. Bart explained laughingly how he had met and helped Sisi's parents on the plane to Amsterdam. We thanked him for his help and after some talking we went our separate ways.


Around 10 a.m. we were back in Breda. Sisi showed them their room. After some rest they came back to the living room and had their first meal in Holland, all the time talking and looking at things around and in the house. Everything was so clean and quiet. Yes, it was sure different from their lives in Vietnam.


In all, Sisi's parents spent six weeks together with us. The summer was becoming a really warm one, sometimes it was too hot to do anything. We introduced them to some of our friends in Breda and my family. We made daytrips to places like the Efteling, Amsterdam and Gent in Belgium. We visited Bart and Le Ha, they had Le Ha's father and brother over from Vietnam, a nice family reunion in Holland. They also visited her cousin in Buxterhude, Germany where they stayed for one week. They were just happy to stay home, relax, watch television and talk to Sisi and Yeri.


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