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What to do and see in Rotterdam? Well, we did not see sightseeing topics as the Euromast and didn't do the harbor tour, although Sisi's father would have enjoyed that very much. No, we only went to Rotterdam Zoo (Diergaarde Blijdorp).


We spent a whole day, walking and looking at animals as pinguins, lions, elephants and monkeys. Elephant with youngThe park is divided in different continents with its own animals. We started at the north side of the zoo, an extension of the park with its own parking lot and entrance. In the Oceanium, officially opened in 2001, we saw different sorts of tropical fish, sharks in a glass sharktunnel and octopusses. After leaving the waterworld we entered the dry desert of South America where scorpions and groundsquirrels lived.

A little train on wheels brought us to the centre side or the old part of the zoo. In the European section we saw for instance wolves, in the Asia section landscapes such as a Mongolian steppe ,a swamp and tropical greens were built. Here we saw elephants and rhinocerosses with its young. We saw huge buffalo's in the Northamerican and snakes, insects and frogs in the Southamerican section.


Family reunion in RotterdamOne day we visited Sisi's niece Le Ha, who lives with her husband Bart and son Leonard nearby in Capelle aan de IJssel. Her father and brother had also come over from Vietnam, so it was a sort of family reunion in Holland. After dinner we drove to Rotterdam where two cruisehips, the "Rotterdam" and the "Maasdam", had arrived some days earlier. We found a parking place near the place where the ships were docked. We weren't the only ones who had come to take a look at these huge boats.

After an hour we drove back to the centre to get a drink, before we went back home.