Plopsa Coo

On Thursday (9 July) we drove from our bungalow in Hochwald to Luxemburg and visited Echternach, the oldest town of Luxemburg and situated on the banks of the river Sûre. We visited the Market Place, walked in the gardens of the Monastery and the Pavillion and followed the footpath along the river Sûre and the walls of the town.

Next stop was the Müllerthal, half an hour drive from Echternach. This area is called Luxemburg's Little Switserland. We parked the car and followed a trail through the forest and alongside the road towards the waterfall Schiessentümpel. We stayed here for a while, admiring the scenery. Since everyone was tired from walking all day, we decided to return to the car and drive back to the bungalow.


On Friday we packed our things and left the bungalow. On our way to the next bungalow, which I had already booked before we left Breda, in the Landal park called Domaine Long Pré, near Stavelot, we visited the city Luxemburg. After driving around for a while long we finally found a parking garage. And as in Trier, the women first wanted to do Luxemburgsome shopping. Yen Ngoc needed a warm sweater, since the hot temperatures from the first week were long gone. Next we had lunch on a bench, overlooking the Pétrusse Valley. Finally everybody was ready to explore the city. After crossing the bridge over the valley we passed the war memorial Gëlle Fra Memorial and the Constitution Square. I received a map from the Tourist Information Centre and we just walked around through the centre of Luxemburg, finding our way to Capuchin Square, the Palace of the Grand Dukes. and the Court Justice of the European Community.


After visiting Luxemburg we followed the highway A7 and national road 7 in northern direction and passed towns as Mersch, Ettelbrück, Clervaux and Weiswampach. Still following road 7 we crossed the border into Belgium. Now we followed the national road N68 to Vielsalm and Trois-Points where we turned east to Stavelot and the Landal park Domaine Long Pré.


On the map you can see all the places we have visited.


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