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Town Hall, Wernigerode

On Friday 25th of September Sisi, the dogs Loeki and Kino, and I left Breda to stay a few days in a nice holiday apartment, Am Kupferberg, in Walkenried, situated in the southern part of the Harz in Germany, where we arrived in the early evening. We were very friendly welcomed by Hanna Schumacher, who brought us to a nice little apartment on the first floor in the main building. We just had enough time to do shopping in the local supermarket for our dinner.


The next morning I took the dogs out for a walk through the forest behind the apartment. The apartment was situated at the end of a dead end street and a small path led over a wooden bridge into the woods. Signs were placed on wooden posts showing different walking trails, varying from a few hours walking round the village to a few days hike through the Harz .

In the afternoon we visited the Bode Valley, with the Hexentanzplatz (Witches Dance Floor) as its main attraction. This place, situated on a 454 meters high rocky plateau, offered nice views over the Bode Valley area. With the cable car we descended to Thale for a short walk.

In the late afternoon we were back in Walkenried where I visited the yearly International Monastery Market. Lots of small stalls, run by monks and nuns from different countries, offered their local food and drinks.


The next 3 days I made long walks with the dogs in the forests around Walkenried, while Sisi was doing her morning Buddha prayers. When she had finished her breakfast we took the car to drive to a nice little town where we walked around the historic centers looking at the colourful half-timbered houses and castles. The towns we visited were Wernigerode, Quedlinburg and Duderstadt. We also visited the very interesting Hermannshöhle near Oberharz im Brocken, a cave well known for the bones of cavebears who have lived here hundreds of years ago.

And on Wednesday it was time to return to Breda.




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