I had booked a last minute bungalowpark in the Hunsrück area, the Landal park called Landal Hochwald, near Kell am See. It was a midweek from 6 till 10 July.

So on Monday (6 July) we left in the morning and drove relaxed towards Germany. At a parking lot in Germany we rested for a while and met a Ducth couple who were also on thier way to Landal Hochwald. We left the highway and followed the roads to Kell amd See and from there the sighs to Landal Hochwald.

We checked in and walked to our bungalow. Yen Ngoc had already found the playing grounds and was staying behind. The bungalow was nice and had enough space for all of us. I walked back to get the car and parked it next to the bungalow for unpacking our luggage. Soon we were settled and Sisi and Van started making dinner.

After dinner we walked around the park and followed a trial along the small lake and through the forest. We slept well that night.


Porta Nigra, TrierThe next day we visited Trier, the oldest city of Germany. We walked around for a few hours and saw monuments such as the Porta Nigra, a roman gate and buildings such as the House of the Three Magi, the Karl Marx House and Cathedral St. Peter. The Main Market square was a nice place with lots of old houses, a fountain and a streetsinger.

Klotti Wild and Amusement park

Wednesday was for Yen Ngoc. She is only interested in playgrounds and not much in walking through cities. In a brochure I had found Klotti Game and Leisure Park. It was near Cochem, a 2 hour drive from our bungalow. We finally arrived and had lots of fun exploring all the attractions, such as th Looping Star, the Swing Station, the Electrical Horse and the Roller Coaster. An occasional shower made us shelter for a while, but most of the day it was dry and sunny. It was rather late when we arrived back at the bungalow. A quick dinner and early to bed.


On Thursday we drove to Luxemburg where we visited Echternach and the Müllerthal. Click here for more detailed information.


Friday was our last day in Germany. At home I had already booked another Landal GreenParks bungalow near Stavelot in Belgium for us, from Friday till Monday. On the way to this bungalow we made a stop in the city Luxemburg where we walked around for a few hours. Click here for more detailed information of this visit.


On the map you can see all the places we have visited.


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