Sisi's cousin Huong and her husband left Vietnam in the early nineties for study and work in Russia. After the fall of Russia they fled to Germany, where they lived in different places in and around Buxterhude, a small town near Hamburg.

Sisi's father always wanted to see the Afsluitdijk of which he has heard much about in Vietnam. So this time we took the highway towards Amsterdam and Den Helder. From there we drove over the Afsluitdijk, with a stopover at the monument for a drink. Via Heerenveen we drove further and into Germany.

Huong had moved to another place, this time it was actually in Buxterhude itself. It took us some time to find, but finaly we found it, an apartment on the sixth floor. Huong was very glad to see all of us and especially her aunt and uncle.

The next day Sisi and I said goodbye and drove back to Holland. The next friday we drove back to Buxterhude to pick them up again. On saturday we drove around the Lunerburger Heide for some sightseeing. We stopped in a few places along the way to eat, drink and walk. And on sunday it was time to say goodbye again.