On Sunday (5 July) we were all invited for a BBQ in Antwerpen. We drove first to Thu in who lives in Deurne, a suburb of Antwerpen. Together with her family we drove to Tuyet who lives with her family a few kilometers away from Thu. We were welcomed by Tuyet and some other Vietnamese friends. We settled ourselves in the garden, waiting for the BBQ to start. It was a nice sunny day, except for a shower in the late afternoon.


I had booked a last minute bungalowpark in the Ardennes, the Landal park called Domaine Long Pré, near Stavelot. It was a long weekend from 10 till 13 July and right after the midweek holiday in the Landal park Hochwald, Germany.

So we left the Hochwald park late in the morning and drove to the park in Belgium where we arrived in the afternoon. We unpacked our things and settled ourselves in our bungalow, which was smaller and less luxurious than the German bungalow. After dinner we walked around for a while, looking for a playground for Yen Ngoc. They were few and small, but it was just for a few days and the next day we would visit Plopsa Coo, where they had more than enough attractions to play in.


Plopsa Coo

The next morning we drove to Coo, famous for its waterfall, but in fact we came for the amusement park Plopsa Coo. After buying the tickets we walked into the park and had already lost Hai out of sight. Sisi and Yen Ngoc took a few rides on the back of a Rabbit, while Van was searching her husband. Finally he showed up. He was making video's and had lost sight of us. Together we explored the park and tried all sorts of attractions like the Octopus, the Vintage Cars, the Chairlift and Karting. We had lots of fun, we got lost in the Labyrinth and by answering the riddles correctly the doors to the exit opened for us. At the end of the afternoon the Bobsleigh was opened again and Van, Hai and Willem-Jan went up for a fast ride downhill. Unfortunately Hai went down too fast and could not break in time. He crashed and was flown out of the bobsleigh. He smashed into the concrete ground and broke his jaw. An ambulance was called at once and he was brought to the hospital in Malmedy. The hospital said that it was better for Hai to be operated in Breda. So the next day another ambulance brought him back to Breda where he was operated on Monday. After a few days Hai was enough recovered to go back to our house where Van could look after him the Vietnamese way.

This was a very sad ending of our holiday week in Germany and Belgium. Hai is a strong guy and did not want to stay home the rest of their holiday. So after a few days we were back making daytrips and planning a stay in Paris.


On the way back from Paris we paid Brugge (26 July) a visit. We walked around for a few hours in this beautiful city with lots of medieval buildings, squares and canals. On Sunday evening we were back home after a few days Paris and a few hours Brugge.


On the map you can see all the places we have visited.


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