Map of the Netherlands


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Map of the Netherlands


Map of the Haagse Beemden in Breda


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Map of the Haagse Beemden, Breda






  • Januari

    Yeri finally passes for his driving test.


  • February - March

    Willem-Jan visits Vietnam.


  • December 2018

    Willem-Jan visits Vietnam.


  • October - November 2018

    Willem-Jan visits Vietnam and Cambodia.


  • April 2018

    Willem-Jan visits Nepal.


  • December 2017

    Willem-Jan visits Jordan.


  • October 2017

    Willem-Jan visits Indonesia.


  • September 2017

    Kozion replaces the wooden dormer (dakkapel).


  • July 2017

    Willem-Jan visits Vietnam.


  • March 2017

    Friday 10th of March at 23:08 Sisi passes away due to the effects of a severe stroke. Hopefully she will find the rest and peace she was looking for most of her life in her next life.

    Click here or on the photo if you want to visit Sisi's In Memorium page.




  • December 2016 - January 2017

    Sisi visits Vietnam.


  • October 2016

    Yeri leaves the family house to live on his own.

    Yeri finishes his education at the Verbist Academy in Antwerp, Belgium.


  • September - October 2016

    Holiday in Austria.


  • January - February 2016

    Sisi and Willem-Jan visit Vietnam.


  • November 2015

    Holiday in Turkey.


  • September 2014

    Kozion replaces the wooden panels.

    Short holiday in the Harz, Germany.


  • May 2014

    Kozion replaces the doors, windows and windowframes.


  • December 2013 - January 2015

    Sisi visits Vietnam.


  • September - October 2014

    Willem-Jan visits the Sunda Islands in Indonesia.


  • June 2014

    Solarpanels are placed on the roof by PureSolar.


  • January 2013 - Marc 2014

    Sisi visits Vietnam.


  • February - March 2013

    Willem-Jan visits also Vietnam.


  • January - May 2013

    Sisi visits Vietnam.


  • October - November 2012

    Sisi visits Vietnam.


  • September 2012

    Willem-Jan visits India.


  • March 2012

    Willem-Jan moves from Hoofddorp to Burgerveen.


  • January - February 2012

    Sisi visits Vietnam.


  • December 2011

    Sisi opens a second nail studio in Dordrecht.


  • September - October 2011

    Sisi and Willem-Jan visit Vietnam.

    Willem-Jan starts working at Kawasaki.


  • July 2011

    Willem-Jan's mother passes away at the age of 86.


  • May 2011

    Sisi becomes co-owner of her friend's nail studio In Dordrecht. The studio is renamed in Sisi's Perfect Nails & Face.


  • January 2011

    Willem-Jan's father passes away at the age of 76.


  • January - February 2011

    Sisi visits Vietnam.


  • October 2010

    Willem-Jan's contract is finished at Kawasaki and finds a new job at Warnaco.


  • August 2010

    Sisi´s nail studio is finally in operation.


  • June 2010

    The building permit for extending the garage for Sisi´s nail studio is finally issued.


  • January 2010

    Willem-Jan starts working again at Kawasaki, this time through P/flex - Randstad.


  • October 2009

    Willem-Jan's permament contract is per 1-1-2010 terminated by Ilionx.


  • September 2009

    Sisi starts working from home: Sisi's Perfect Nails & Face.


  • July 2009

    Visit from Vietnam.

    Willem-Jan's contract at Kawasaki is terminated.

    Yeri starts working at supermarket Super the Boer, a learn-work project.


  • July 2008

    Holiday in Vietnam.


  • March 2008

    Willem-Jan finds a flat in Hoofddorp, so he does not have to travel on his motorbike to work everyday.


  • July 2007

    Yeri has to double his class because of bad school reports.


  • May - July 2007

    Sisi spends 3 months in Vietnam for medical treatment.

    Willem-Jan starts working for Kawasaki in Hoofddorp.


  • May 2007

    Willem-Jan leaves DCS, now called Four-Soft Netherlands, and starts working for Ilionx.


  • July 2006

    The house gets a new color, blue and white.


  • August 2005

    Willem-Jan starts working at DCS in Dordrecht.


  • May 2005

    Willem-Jan finally finds a job at Verbrugge in Terneuzen, through an agency.


  • April 2005

    Sisi spends 4 weeks in hospital.


  • October 2004

    Midweek in holiday park Slagharen.


  • Summer 2003

    Visit from Vietnam



  • July 2002

    The Efteling

    The Efteling








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